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The Bronze Award develops campcraft and navigation skills, leading to a self sufficient 2 day / 1 night journey. For many, the Bronze Adventurous Journey may be the first time that students have hiked, used a compass or even camped out, so in addition to the actual journey, we can offer further support for schools and groups. This support can be through training materials, in-school training sessions, training weekends and the use of additional staff to focus on skills development during the practice journey. Our staff are very experienced in running Duke of Edinburgh Award Exepditions in the UK and the UAE, with staff certified to assess qualifying journeys.


There are generally two options for Bronze award expeditions; desert or mountains (your practice expedition must be the same as the qualification). Mountain expeditions can be completed in a variety of areas in Ras al Khaimah, Fujairah, Sharjah and the Omani Musandam. Desert expeditions take place in Ras al Khaimah, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi. Expedition areas may be selected based on the ability of the group as some routes are more challenging than others. Maps, guidance and pre-departure meetings are provided in advance of each expedition to ensure that groups are fully prepared. Groups are expected to submit their route cards to their designated assessor for approval before the expedition begins.


Kayak and mountain bike expeditions are also possible for Bronze award, however, these may require groups to undertake additional training in their own time before the quaifying journey.


We use a mixture of close and remote supervision techniques to ensure that groups are as independant as safely possible. All expeditions are supported by experienced staff with Wilderness First Aid qualifications, off-road 4x4 vehicle support, manned checkpoints and water points, and GPS group tracking. Staff are in radio contact with each other throughout the journey and carry a satellite phone with emergency beacon in case of emergency.


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