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Trekking in the UAE and Oman

Trekking in the UAE and Oman can be a challenge compared to other places.  With no detailed maps available, most trails unmarked and a harsh environment, it's easy and understandable to be a little intimidated.  Luckily, our highly qualified guides are here to make sure the whole experience is safe and enjoyable.  


Absolute Adventure offers a variety of treks in the Hajar Mountains of Oman and UAE.  We cover a range of difficulty levels so whether you are just starting out or a seasoned veteran, we have an appropriate trip.  Each trip is graded on a scale of 1-5 to help you decide which is right for you.  Many years of experience have given us an intimate knowledge of the regions most picturesque areas to visit. Besides providing our highly qualified staff, we include all equipment, drinking water and packed lunch. 

Trekking in the UAE

While the majority of available treks are available in the northern emirates or Musandam, most options we offer can easily done as a day trip from Dubai.  Our meeting points for all of the trips are about 90-120 minutes drive from Dubai, whether in Dibba, RAK or Kalba/Fujairah.  If that's too much driving for one day, no problem! Consider extending your trip into an overnight with our camping options.  You can find the details for camping under the accommodation heading or, click here.


Have a look at the trips below or, use the trip finder to filter by difficulty.  If you need help deciding what's right for you just give us a call!

All Along The Watchtowers

From AED 430.50 Wadi Helo or ‘Sweet Wadi’ has been nominated for inclusion in the list of Unesco World Heritage sites. With a history going back thousands of years wadi Helo is one of the oldest continuously habited areas in the region. The wadi has been the site of many archeological digs over the past few decades, guests can still see where researchers have marked out their grids for exploration. We believe this trek to be one of the most scenic in UAE.   Our trek starts near the entrance to the wadi. We begin with an uphill trek to view the first of the small watchtowers that guarded the verdant wadi below. Our path continues down into the wadi bed where we find numerous terraced fields with their stone retaining walls. Further on we reach the most impressive ruins at the centre of the ancient village. A pre-Islamic tomb, watchtower, graveyards, mosque, wells and many small houses can be found on either side of the natural water course. The most impressive of all is the house of Eissa Al Thabbahi, built around 1900, it contains many rooms and a staircase that led up to a tower. Remnants of intricate plasterwork can still be seen on the walls of this important site.   We continue our trek up to our next watchtower to the west of the wadi. Once at the top you’ll enjoy spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and farms and down to the old village below. A second small watchtower can be reached by following a ridgeline before the descent back to the wadi below.

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