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Ultimate Musandam Adventure

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Exploring the Musandam region of Oman by Dhow.  The Musandam is a wild, empty place, stacked with adventurous opportunities in one of the most beautiful places you could ever imagine.
Known as the ‘Norway of Arabia’, it is a land of dramatic, vertigo-inducing fjords, called Khors.  These Khors are found everywhere along it's unbelievably indented coastline. The dramatic scenery is everywhere with tiny coves to find, hidden between these huge stone cliffs. The juxtaposition between the azure blue waters and the bright red cliffs is pretty staggering.
Entering Musandam, Oman, via its quieter Gulf of Oman border, at Dibba is like stepping back in time. The hustle and bustle of UAE urban life is replaced by a distinct change of pace. You will see more goats wandering around its dusty streets than people, occasionally a car will putter on by. The views seem to increase in beauty in relation to how quiet it becomes.
A Dhow boat is the traditional craft in these parts and offers us a fantastic base to live aboard while we explore the coastline. This is where we will sleep, eat your food under the stars, fish from, sunbathe on and also launch SUPs from.
The views become even more inspiring from a paddleboard; you are paddling at just the right speed to truly take in the scenery. The huge indentations on the coastline means that the likelihood is that you will be able to find serene calm conditions to enjoy. Expect to see some azure blue waters underneath you, possibly Turtles, spinner dolphins and plenty of other marine life.

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3 - Moderate
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You can join one of our scheduled trips, or have your own bespoke experience.  This trip can be taken over as many nights as you choose, with the option of staying ashore each evening, on a Dhow in an air conditioned cabin, or aboard an open deck dhow.  During the adventure, you will have the chance to trek along the stunning coastline of the Musandam peninsula, visit Kumzar,the most northerly town of mainland musandam where they speak theior own language, Kumzari. This is a unique chance to take in the culture and scenery, while experiencing some adrenaline filled activities along the way.


  • Rock Climbing
  • Deep WaterSoloing
  • Various Treks
  • Option to Scuba Dive
  • Visiting Kumzar
  • SUP tour of Khor Hablayn
  • Snorkelling



  1. Dibba, Oman
  2. Rawdah
  3. Limah
  4. AL Hablayn
  5. Ash Shishah
  6. Kumzar
  7. Haffah
  8. Dibba, Oman