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Due to the growing number of people venturing into the great outdoors we have developed some new Navigation courses here in the UAE.

The aim of these courses is simple – to give outdoor enthusiasts the skills to stay safe while out in the great outdoors, be it on paths, trails, hills or mountains.

These awards do not qualify you to teach or lead, but are a skills award recognising the level at which you can navigate.

Progressing through the three award levels will take you from being a complete map and compass novice to being a highly competent navigator at Level 3

Although you do not have to start at Level 1, completion of Level 2 is a prerequisite to Level 3.

To view the learning outcomes for each level, please download our PDF.

Level 1 (1 Day)
This award covers the essential map reading skills.  You’ll learn about using features as handrails, the basics of using a compass and how to use it in conjunction with a map.  This award aims to take you from being reliant on friends or guidebooks to being able to successfully plan and follow a walk yourself. 

Level 2 (2 Days)
On this award we will start to leave the paths behind, navigating in open country on short bearing.  You’ll learn more advanced compass skills and add timing and pacing to your repertoire of skills too.  This course will take place on more difficult terrain and away from easy-to-follow paths and trails.

Level 3 (2 Days)
This award marks the pinnacle of your navigation skills.  You will already be happy and familiar with all the skills from the previous levels and wanting to get more out of your navigation.  This award is all about reading the landscape and comparing it to the ground.  You’ll use contour features to help you identify where you are on your walk and be able to navigate to small and subtle contour features.

Additional Information

2 - Beginner/Moderate
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PDF Facts

Download a PDF fact sheet with all the information about the selected tour Download pdf

Meeting point: TBC 

Meeting Time:  TBC

Finish:  TBC
Min No: 2 people 
Max No: 8 people

What to Expect
On this course you can expect to have a mix of sit-down exercises and practical walking exercises.  We will be outside for up to 8 hours per day; however, we will find and use shade to our advantage.

What to Bring
Minimum 3L Water
Comfortable weather appropriate clothing for walking in the outdoors
Strong sturdy footwear, preferably hiking boots
Warm layer
First Aid Kit (Levels 2 & 3 Only)