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Samar Trail Trek

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The Samar trail is a perfect introduction to trekking and the outdoors on Jebel Jais. Not straying far from the beaten track this short 6km route offers spectacular views of Jebel Jais you cannot get from simply driving up the mountain. The trailhead starts just a 2min drive from Bear Grylls Explorers Camp where your immediately presented with abandoned wheat fields from times gone by, along with scenic views of the mountain. As you pass through many deserted villages, the trail will lead you gently to a small peak where you can see far down towards the mountain base. A lived-in farm awaits you on the way down where you will probably hear the resident donkey announce your arrival.

The meeting point for the Samar Trail is Bear Grylls Explorers camp where there are toilet facilities. We are located half way up Jebel Jais, and can be found on Google Maps and Waze by searching ‘Bear Grylls Explorers Camp’. A 4x4 is not needed to access our camp. When you arrive, just drive down the track slowly and park towards the back where you will see a number of shipping containers. The trek itself will start just a short 2min drive up the mountain. You will be required follow us to the trail head in your own vehicle, where there is allocated off-road parking.

Easy - Trail based hike on established paths. Uphill and downhill sections are short and ground underfoot is stable. Elevated views, but a head for heights is not required. Basic level of fitness needed in line with trek duration.


Additional Information

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Maximum No: 12 people 
Minimum No: 3 People 
Duration: 4 hours (average)
Distance: 6km
Start Time: 9:00am 
Elevation: 200M height gained
Meet at Bear Grylls Explorers Camp (click for map)


What is provided

  • Experienced hike guide
  • Outdoor first aid certified leader
  • Emergency Sat-Phone communication
What to bring
  • Hiking backpack
  • Good walking boots (ankle supporting protection recommended)
  • Hiking clothes (breathable materials, full sleeved t-shirt and full length pants)
  • Sun hat & sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Lunch for the hike
  • Phone / camera for taking pictures
  • Food – We provide only light snacks. We recommend bringing your own lunch, especially on our longer hikes
  • Water 1.5 litres per 2 hours for every 2 hours of trekking
  • Backpack – You will be carrying all your supplies, so bring a sturdy hiking backpack with waist and chest straps with a minimum of 30 litre capacity