Bear Grylls Family Survival Courses


The mountains of the Musandam peninsula are our location for the new 24hr Family Desert Survival Course. In this unforgiving terrain participants will find themselves tested to the maximum. During the course our team of experts will teach you how to survive and travel in this harsh but stunning environment.Techniques taught will include surviving the desert sun, how to build and light a fire, finding and purifying water, dealing with snakes and scorpions, using a survival knife and crossing difficult terrain.A night spent under the stars in the mountains will be an unforgettable experience to round off day one. Day two is action packed, fast paced and will see you climb, abseil, scramble, crawl and run back to civilisation. Would you have what it takes to survive?


Duration: 24 hours
Minimuim number: 1 adult & 1 child
Price: starting from  $678 per adult and child