Sample Schedules


All our programs are based on the value of the outdoor experience; they will involve active learning, broadening horizons and stimulate new interests.

We put a lot of thought into development of our programs and we include progression into every school that visits us with a variety of year groups.

Progression is a process where clients will build on their previous experiences, knowledge they have gained will be a vital part in every program. They will grow as individuals and as a team, returning each year to get more and grow to be better. They will be encouraged to explore their surroundings and learn more about the environment they live in.

We work in an incredible place that allows us to fit every activity to individual student’s needs. We work with school groups to improve their team work, difficulty learning or try to improve disruptive behaviour of an individual through positive experience

Different locations have the perfect ground to teach the students more about the local history as some are staying in centres that are architecturally build on the basis of old, historical houses of Musandam.

Free time on our camps is always fun, some locations provide us with a swimming pool where our students can spend their free time cooling off under the close supervision of our staff and teachers, other with perfect grounds to play cricket, Frisbee and more.

Here are a few sample itineraries that were made to incorporate a specific school group’s wants and needs. One is very active and the other is more learning oriented, to encourage our younger student to learn more about the environment they live in, while the third one was made for an older group of students and it promoted independance and building self confidance.   


Sample 1

Sample 2

Sample 3