Silver International Youth Award

Our awards are pre planed or can be custom made to fit the needs of the specific group of participant. We can tailor fit to match each group needs, including several different forms of travel; Kayaking, Mountain biking or trekking. Through a variety of terrains ranging from Mountains, desert and beach routes.

Example Itinerary

3 Day Mountain Expedition  

This will be an intermediate level hike that will be mostly student led. The objective of this trip is for students to take ownership for it as they work as a group to solve problems and complete the hike as a team. The students will already have a developing ability of self care in the outdoors and how to work effectively as a team. The hard skills that the students will have an established understanding are camp site management (camp site selection, tent set up and latrine creation), Leave No Trace ethics and how to pack a hiking bag.


Absolute Adventure will provide GPS's, maps and compasses for the students groups. Dependent on talk with school, all other gear should be provided by students and school. However, equipment such as tents, backpacks, water bottles, roll mats, sleeping bags, cooking gear and Camel Backs can be rented from Absolute Adventure stores

The Route


As this is an intermediate level hike, the terrain will be mostly trail with some topographical navigation. You can see from the elevation graph that the peak is at 327 m, with other peaks on the way, at 280 to 310m. The trek has more variety and multiple access points, with great views and geological variety.