Sample Schedules

Each schedule is customized to fit the needs and wants of each school or grade. We have done a variety of scedules that fit the current curriculium. 

Sample 1 - A-Level Environmental Science

Compliance with the curriculum 

  1. Measurement of biotic and abiotic factors
  2. Pollution, sources and test
  3. Population dynamics
  4. Conservation and biodiversity
  5. Water resources
  6. Land usage conflicts
  7. Statistics, t-test, Spearman’s Rank, chi square.

Sample 2 - Adventure Activities

As many groups prefer to maximize the number of modules they study, their timetables are often taken up with fieldwork, classroom sessions and lab work. If however you would like your students to take a break from study we can offer a wide range of adventure activities, from kayaking, paddle boarding, team work, climbing, mountain biking and more. We can include as many or as little as you want in your schedule.