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Trekking Dibba

We've created many treks in the Musandam peninsula of Oman. All treks reveal spectacular scenery and take you to seldom visited villages, farms and archaeological sites.

Picture of Aqaba-Lima Trek

Aqaba-Lima Trek

Our most spectacular trek. Start with a small boat ride along the Musandam coast to our traditional house in Aqaba fishing harbour. Start an exciting coastal walk just above a coral reef. Continue up a steep path to the main abandoned town of Aqaba with its 87 stone houses, mosque, graveyards and fort. Continue down to our date farm in Lima for lunch under the trees and a swim in our fresh water pool. Trek on to the harbour for the return boat ride.

Picture of Aqabat Village

Aqabat Village

Half day trek in the Hajjar mountains. Starting with a 45 minute drive to the Rus Al Jebel to start our 3 hour trek to Aqabat village in the shadow of Jebel Qihwi. This picturesque village of terraced fields enjoys views down into surrounding wadi’s.

Picture of Coastal Trek

Coastal Trek

A pleasant 3 hour trek along a coastal pathway with great views along the Dibba coast. The trek continues down to the beach where you can enjoy a cooling dip.

Picture of Dibba View Climb

Dibba View Climb

A climb to the summit of a small mountain above our plantation camp. This short trek is suitable for kids and enjoys wonderful views over Dibba bay.

Picture of Explore Sal Hamdan

Explore Sal Hamdan

Half day scenic trek through Sal Hamdan village in the Musandam mountains. We follow a steep trail which leads us up to the beautiful village, which enjoys extensive terraced fields, ancient homes and petroglyphs. with great views across the mountains

Picture of Jebel Qihwi Climb

Jebel Qihwi Climb

Hard full day climb to the summit of Jebel Qihwi, one of the highest mountains in the Musandam. No technical climbing involved but a high level of fitness is required.

Picture of Secret Staircases

Secret Staircases

Trek to two ancient villages hidden at the top of natural stairways carved into the Hajjar mountains. Explore terraced fields, stone houses and extensive petroglyphs. Entry level trek of 3 hours.

Picture of Sedweyn to Karbat

Sedweyn to Karbat

Tough 5 hour trip from Sedweyn fishing village to the small beach at Karbat. The trek is steep in parts and keeps close to the coastal cliff tops. Passing through an abandoned village with many ancient ceramics this is one of our most remote trips. Meet at our Adventure Centre in Dibba before being transferred to the nearby harbour for the speedboat ride to the start point. Our boat will wait at Karbat for the return ride home.

Picture of Smugglers Bay

Smugglers Bay

Tough 5 hour trek over coastal mountains. Reaching Myam beach where illegal immigrants are often smuggled from the Iranian coast. We can swim here before continuing down a boulder field back to Dibba.

Trek Wadi Bidi

A short drive from our base brings us to this rarely visited wadi. We trek beneath a huge rock wall, clambering over large boulders, as we head deeper into the mountains. There are ancient ruins and a large cave to explore during our half day adventure.

Picture of Village Trek

Village Trek

Half day scenic trek through 5 Al Shahi villages in the Musandam mountains. Great views across the mountains and down into deep wadi's.

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