Lakpa Ri Climb

  Lakpa Ri [7,045m./23,000ft.] is close enough to Everest to feel the enormous power of the world's highest mountain, but is set far enough back to appreciate the true geometric perspective of the great peak. 

This is the highest trekking tour in the world, offering you 21 days of incredible cultural and wilderness experience. 

The summit view from Lakpa Ri rivals that of the world's greatest mountains. There is an unrivalled view of the northeast ridge of Everest, the North Col, Changtse, Cho Oyu and Shishapanma. You also have a chance to grasp the immensity of the Tibetan plateau as you see hundreds of miles across the wildest of landscapes. 

Equally fascinating are the cultural highlights. We spend 2 nights in Kathmandu exploring the temples and palaces of this ancient kingdom before diving through the Tibetan countryside to Everest. 

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