Land of the Thunder Dragon

  Squashed into a high pocket of land between Nepal, Tibet and Northeast India, Bhutan is an extraordinary country, home to a fascinating and unique culture, stupendous scenery and a truly charming people. Cut off for so long from the rest of the world - both through geographical positioning and its own political desires - in many places things have barely changed at all over the last 500 years. The vast, 17th century dzongs - or Buddhist monasteries - that perch spectacularly atop high cliff-tops or by thundering rivers, the colourful festivals of dance and story-telling, the clusters of eerie prayer flags scattering their dreams to the mountain winds, all contrive to transport you back over the centuries to the land of demons and spirits that still lie at the heart of Bhutanese culture. And the forested hills and snow-capped peaks, so rich in flora and fauna - Bhutan is home to more than 600 species of orchid alone - have you gasping in wonder at the scale and beauty of this far-flung land. 
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