about us

Absolute Adventure was established in Dubai during 2005 to meet the growing demand for professionally run local and international adventures. The company expanded into Oman during 2006. Absolute Adventure has established numerous new trekking, mountain biking and climbing routes in the remote Musandam region. Absolute Adventure Education was formed in 2009 to offer schools and colleges professionally designed outdoor education programmes run by qualified wilderness educators.

Absolute Adventure runs a number of camps, lodges and activity centres.



A quiet set of coastal fishing villages owned partly by the Sultanate of Oman (Dibba Bayah), Fujairah (Dibba Muhallab) and Sharjah (Diba Hisn). A visit to the thriving harbour in the evening is well worthwhile to see the day's catch and purchase fish for a BBQ. 

Famous in Islamic History, Dibba was the site of the great battles of the Ridda wars, the re-conquest of the Arabia by Muslim armies following prophet Mohammed's death (peace be upon him) . Three armies were sent from Makkah in 633AD, of which two made it to Dibba and a great battle was fought. We still have a vast cemetery of over 10,000 head stones to see.

The mountains rise from the sea to an impressive 6000feet and a trail winds its way through the mountains, Wadi Bih and back to RAK.