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Absolute Adventure proudly delivered our first Space Camp programmes in Summer 2018 and are quickly expanding our STEM programmes for schools.


With the launch of it's new astronaut programme and ambitious missions to Mars, the UAE has firmly established its place in the Space Industry. Our staff team come from a range of backgrounds including teaching, with expertise in Science, Geography and even Space Science. Working with local experts in the industry, Absolute Adventure deliver relevant, challenging and cost effective Space Camp programmes for schools across the GCC. Space camps are available in the following formats:


1.Residential Space Camp: 2 - 5 day programmes with accommodation at KALBA CAMP. Our differentiated, programmes are linked to school curriculum and UAE Social Studies, suitable for ages 8-11, 12-14 and 15-18. Schools are also able to book private space camps just for their school.

2.Non-residential Space Camp: 1-5 day custom programmes containing a selection of the activities outlined below. A mixture of hands-on workshops and classroom learning ensure an exciting blend of learning, fun and critical thinking

3.Space Camp ECA (Extra Curricular-Activity): A 10 week programme delivered through ten weekly 1hr sessions. Space Camp ECA is delivered at your school with optional fieldtrips to local space facilities

All programmes include a selection of practical and classroom based workshops:


Rocketry: After learning about the basics of rocketry (Newton's Laws, stability, aerodynamics), students use computer simulation software to design their team's rocket. Teams must design all aspects of the rocket from the shape and sizes of fins to the mass of the nosecone. Once designed, teams build a real rocket and launch it


Robotics: Students learn about logic, loops and sensors as they are challenged to develop progressivley more complex algorithms in order to make their robot complete a series of missions. Once training is complete, students compete as teams to programme their robot through our Space Challenge - deploy a satellite dish, rescue astronauts, collect rock samples and more!


Electronics: Learn about electrical circuits and the challenges that electronics face during launch and in space. Students then practice using safe soldering techniques to create a working device


Lander Building: Students study various methods of landing safely and assess the suitability of or parachutes, thrusters and air bags for landing on different celestial bodies. Teams are then challenged to design and build a lander within a budget


Astronaut Training: A real outdoors adventure to test creativity, navigation and survival skills - just like what real astronauts do! Only available on Residential Space Camps. There's even the chance to taste some astronaut food!


Underwater Training: Scuba diving experience with a difference. Teams must use clear, non-verbal communication skills and teamwork to construct a satellite in a weightless environment


Astronomy: A night time session where students learn how to navigate the night sky, observe planets, satellites, star systems and the Moon (subject to weather conditions and time of year).

Classroom / theory based workshops:


Satellite Workshop: Learn about different orbits, uses of satellites and the satellites currently owned by the UAE


Astronaut Job Interview: Students are put through a fun, yet realistic, mock interview process. Activities include everything from IQ and EQ testing and moral dilemmas to making contact with aliens!


Mars Workshop: Learn about the red planet and why it is so interesting to Science. Learn about past, current and future missions, including ambitious, UAE lead missions


Our Place in Space: Learn about our position in the universe and how our understanding of space has changed over time. Learn surprising facts about our own Solar System and some exciting missions that have furthered our understanding


UAE Facilities tour: Throughout the year, there may be the chance to meet key people in the UAE space agency, see where satellites are made and tracked and maybe even meet some real astronauts!


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