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Highly Qualified Staff

At Absolute Adventure, we view our responsibility for the guests safety as the highest priority.  A guide service can offer the most amazing itineraries to the most scenic destinations but, if you don't feel safe while participating then you won't fully enjoy the experience!  The guide's  knowledge and ability has a direct impact on how safe the experience is, as well as solid standard operating procedures put into place using years of experience.   That's why we spend a lot of time and effort recruiting and training our staff, to ensure that every trip we send out will be a safe and enjoyable experience.  We look for experienced guides with qualifications and experience in leading multiple disciplines like trekking, sea kayaking and rock climbing.  In addition, we require a minimum of a Wilderness First Aid certification so all of our staff are ready, if there ever is an emergency.  


In addition to technical qualifictions, we look for staff which embody the ideals we strive for as an organization.  As a Leave No Trace member, environmental impact is important to us and we want staff who share that ethic and are able to educate others about how we can reduce our impact on the environment.  

Professional Memberships

Absolute Adventure belongs to a number of organizations which share our ideals for the industry.  These memberships represent our goals of delivering high quality, safe activities and align us with other companies around the world who share that goal.  By building a strong community within the industry we can better promote high levels of qualification, standardized procedures, environmental stewardship and more.