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Wadi Damm

During this canyoning trip, we’ll explore Wadi Damm located about 2.5 hours from Al Ain (UAE). Along the way to Wadi Damm, we’ll stop in 2 places for a bit of historical exploration. The Al Sulaif Fortress, an un-restored fort situated near Ibri between the Hajar Mountains and the Empty Quarter, and the Al Ayn (Oman) Beehive Tombs near Wadi Damm will give some insight into the old way of life and age of civilisation in this area. After the Beehive Tombs, we’ll continue to the campsite where we’ll be spending the night. Near to the campsite is a fresh pool for us to explore before setting up camp and cooking dinner. The next morning we’ll break camp and pack all of the gear before heading to the nearby pool for breakfast and a cooling dip to start the day. This is also the start point of our route and, after breakfast we’ll set off down stream. The first part of the trek will be a mostly dry walk in the wadi bed, with some large drops which may require the use of ropes After roughly 1 hour, we’ll come to the first, and maybe most spectacular, pool. From here, we’ll be in and out of the water with plenty of opportunity to cool off and spot wildlife attracted by the water. There is an opportunity to see endemic fish, different species of birds, snakes, water scorpions (water dwelling beetles) and a plethora of plant life due to the constant supply of fresh water. We’ll take our time following the flow of water from pool to pool and looking for various animals. For the adventurous, there are a few places to jump into the pools from various heights! After a couple hours following the pools we will eventually come to a small dam protecting the villages below from flash floods. We’ll continue on to the waiting van to finish our day and start the journey back to Dubai.