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Wedding Tree Trek

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This trek starts about 30 minutes north of Dibba by speedboat and, explores coastal and mountain top villages via an entry level trek.  Starting from Dibba port, we'll zip along the coastline to the starting point, Sanat.  Climbing into the coastal mountains we'll soon explore an abandoned village where we'll find the trek's namesake, The Wedding Tree.  After exploring the village the trek crosses the short plateau and descends the north side of the mountain where the boat has come around to pick us up.  

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0830 - Meet at Dibba border crossing

0900 - Board boat in Dibba port

0930 - Begin trek

1230 - Finish trek and board boat; on the way home, swim in Sanat Cave

1330 - Return to Dibba Port

  • Explore the stunning coastline
  • See ruins of ancient villages
  • Opportunity to swim in an amazing coastal cave


  1. Dibā