Outdoor adventure, gps events.


We have a wide range of activities that can focus on different areas including:

  • Leadership
  • Creating team identity
  • Stress management
  • Communication
  • Life balance
  • Better team work
  • Positive thinking …

Adventure challenges are set in an environment that encourages team work, individual growth and improves on the dynamics of the involved group. It is based on the research done by the challenge coordinator, physical ability of the participants and their wishes and desires on what they want to improve or change.

We do it through activities to get the blood flowing...

Canyoning Wadi Wurrayah: An hour drive to a magnificent Wadi with fresh water pools, slides and a range of green vegetation   Mountain biking: from a cultural tour around Dibba to the thrilling and scenic Downhill Dash
Kayaking: Heading up the fantastic Musandam coast in our kayaks, finding hidden bays, snorkelling…   Abseiling: challenge yourself and the team to burst the safety bubble we all live in
Rock climbing: An exciting challenge for any group, Rock climbing is fast becoming a team building favourite   Musandam Mountain Trek : take your group up into the stunning Hajar mountain range

Working as a team on different types of challenges...

Adventure Race

TeamThis is a great way for your team to accomplish more than they thought possible, with each race tailored to you and your group's needs. Teams work on an orienteering basis using a choice of maps, compass, directions or GPS.  Your team will be racing to complete all the activities in your tailored race. This could include; mountain biking, kayaking, raft building, trekking, swimming, Abseils, high tight rope walks, archery, initiative challenges and much more.

GPS event

Team bumpsThis can be run as a team race or as a treasure hunt. Options include 4x4, mountain biking or trekking. The course is set by our experienced guides. They will take you through a variety of terrains, with different challenges added, to keep the teams on their toes.

Diving for treasure

Following instructions, the team has kayaks and snorkels to recover as many lost items as possible.


Your team must walk the plank off our dhow and find their way to the secret bay using the things provided. You will have to find food, build shelter and solve challenges along the way.

Or something unique just for you...

We are happy to tailor-make adventures to fit anyone’s needs. We have locations all across the UAE and Oman and a wide range of experiences to help create what you are looking for.