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corporate events

JumpAbsolute Adventure uses adventure activities and initiative games to develop  and enhance skills such as leadership, conflict management, problem solving, communication and teamwork within a corporate group. The programmes aim to take executives out of the comfort zone of their normal office environment and into the great outdoors. 

Outdoor training is a proven and effective method to train and develop staff, irrespective of their level and responsibilities within the organization. Outdoor methods differ from standard training strategies in several important ways:

Outdoor training offers a direct and clear means by which group interaction is assessed and developed.

The impact of decisions and actions is immediate and directly relates to the success of the team.

When outdoors, the familiar influences and the ‘support culture’ within the workplace are removed and the participants are able to concentrate on the activity and the training.

ArcheryEach exercise provides the participant with a certain amount of self-discovery, understanding and introspection. There is also the simple pleasure of taking part in exciting outdoor activities which refresh and rejuvenate the participants both physically and mentally. All activities present a challenging environment, stretching the capabilities of the participants, helping them break out of their self-imposed limitations.